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Gyan Mudra

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Mudra means seal, or mark, a spiritual gesture and an energetic seal of authenticity. One of the most common mudras we often see is Gyan Mudra, used to invoke knowledge. The intention of Gyan Mudra is to improve concentration and sharpen your memory. This mudra is said to give rise to the root chakra and potentially help reduce tension and depression.

To practice find a comfortable position and touch the tip of your index finger to your thumb with the other 3 fingers stretched out. Allow yourself to soften and bring your focus to where your fingers touch. Keeping your attention here and focus on your breathing, Use this time to gain insight on anything that might be going on with you physically or emotionally.

Start with a few breathes and eventually ease your way into sitting for 10 minutes or more. Notice the calm and focus that accumulates through out you.

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The purpose of the Gyan Mudra is to enhance focus and memory. This mudra is said to open the root chakra and may ease anxiety and despair. phrazle


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