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9 Feng Shui Tips to Keep you Brimming with Abundance

We're at home, it's spring, and we can't go out so what better time than now to use the teachings of Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an ancient practice that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals and their surrounding. 9 is the most auspicious number in feng shui so we've curated 9 feng shui tips to keep you brimming with abundance. Try them all and your sure to attract a new energy into your life.

1. Clean your clutter- clutter drains your energy and weakens your intention

2. Close the toilet lid when you flush and keep it down till the next use- you don't want prosperity to go down the drain

3. Try not to work with your back to a door- this will attract stronger and more successful energy

4. Make a relationship with your front door, open the door with intention and claim that you are ready for new opportunities- setting intention will allow opportunity to come knocking on your door

5. Hang metal wind chimes- this will bring positive energy into your home

6. Fix anything that is broken- broken items attract broken energy

7. Don't store anything under the bed- stored items under the bed may obstruct your sleeping patterns

8. Clean your stove- your stove is the heart of the house, keeping this clean allows for energy to move freely

9. Use every burner of your stove- when something is not getting used, it is getting stale, you want the heart of your home to have energy consistently moving

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