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Awakening & Celebrating the Divine Feminine

As the world continues to shift, heal, and transform it is important to celebrate and awaken the divine feminine inside of us. The divine feminine is a form of energy that all beings contain. It is known by other names such as: shakti, yin and lunar energy and is often connected to the moon and Gai (mother earth).

The benefits of connecting with your own divine feminine nature include:

  • Increased love and acceptance of others

  • Greater self compassion

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Increased ability to let go

  • Allows connection to the creator with in

In honor of mother's everywhere and our greatest mother, Gai let's celebrate and awaken the divine within us all by doing our inner work. Check out our suggestions below to help you awaken and celebrate the divine feminine inside of you.

  1. Love your body- honor the yin inside of you by getting to know your body and it's sensual side through yoga, dance, or any type of intuitive feel good movement

  2. Practice self love- this can be done through mirror practicing where you spend a few moments everyday in front of the mirror affirming to yourself things like "I love you", "I'm here for you", "I forgive you" or whatever else might inspire you

  3. Slow it down- make time during your day to slow down and be present, enjoy the little things, and practice gratitude. Remember to take time to step away from your phone and do simple things like watch the sunset

  4. Cultivate your intuition- begin meditating, examine your dreams, practice tarot to strengthen your inner guide

  5. Celebrate Mamma Earth- our greatest connection to the divine feminine and and the ultimate giver. You can celebrate Gai by immersing yourself in nature or starting your own garden

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