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Achieving Your New Year's Goals

With this New Year, why not create the best you? Here is the basic guide and a personal challenge to help you stick to and accomplish your 2022 goals.

Use Essential Oils For Achieving Your Goals

doTERRA Balance® delivers a sense of balance and tranquility to your mind and body. doTERRA Forgive® This blend helps you discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting, and moving on. doTERRA Passion® helps revive feelings of excitement, passion, and joy. doTERRA Motivate® promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. You can unleash your creative powers and find the daring to try something new as you apply this oil.

doTERRA Serenity® Apply one to two drops to your hands and inhale throughout the day to help reduce worry from life's daily stressors.

doTERRA InTune® A sense of harmony and focus isn't far away with InTune nearby.

doTERRA Peace® As you inhale the positive, comforting aroma of doTERRA Peace and exhale crippling emotions like fear and worry, you'll regain your composure and face the future with reassurance and stability.

doTERRA Cheer® Boost your happiness and positivity when you are feeling down with a simple application of Cheer.

Remember SMART Goals:

* Specific

* Measurable

* Actionable

* Realistic

* Time-Bound


TRAVEL MORE. Make a commitment this year to visit at least one new place. If you have to make a choice between buying new things or going on a trip, take the trip. Travel expands the mind and understanding of the world we live in. More than anything, through travel we create unforgettable memories and experiences that last a lifetime. “Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods.” —Dr. Thomas Gilovich

REDUCE STRESS. If not properly managed, high levels of stress can take a toll on your health, happiness, and even personal relationships. Every day, make it a priority to relax and reset your mind and body. Go on a walk, read a book, work on a project, meditate, take a hot bath, take a few deep breaths, or diffuse essential oils— anything that will help you take your mind away from the stress of life.

GET UP AND MOVE. Being physically active is not just about losing weight. It’s about developing a healthier lifestyle. Regular physical activity will improve your mood and sleep, strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve your quality of life. Find something that you’ll enjoy doing and that will get you up and moving. Take the stairs, go on a walk or a jog, do some yard work, try a winter sport, or enroll in a fitness class.

TAKE CHANCES. Challenge yourself to try new things and achieve goals you never thought you could. Remember, personal growth and development occur when you step outside your comfort zone. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

SPEND LESS TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. “As I traveled through countless airports this week, it became evident that we have become a society of zombies. With many layovers, I had the opportunity to watch the people around me. Everyone was glued to their electronic device, taking into their minds and hearts what the world wants them to think and believe. We are losing touch with who we are as individuals, why we are here, and who we are striving to become. It’s frightening to see how much control the falsehoods of media (including social media) have over our minds, if we allow it. Today I plan to focus on what lives in my heart. I will recommit to the person I am striving to become. My phone is tucked away. It is in the quiet moments we create that true intuition can speak to our hearts. Who will join me?” —Emily Wright

GET OUT OF DEBT. Enroll in the doTERRA Free to Give™ Program and start tackling your debt. “I believe that as we make our financial situation a part of our annual assessment, we will find renewed hope that we can truly take control of our financial future and reduce our debt obligations. By doing this, we will have a greater capacity to excel in our careers, focus on spending more time with our families, and have the resources needed to serve in our communities.”—Will Burges, doTERRA Vice President of Finance

SERVE OTHERS. Having a positive impact on someone else will help you change your own outlook and attitude. Service makes us appreciate our lives and what we have. It helps us develop compassion and love for other. Make it a goal to perform at least one small act of service a day.

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This article provides a comprehensive guide for achieving New Year's goals, emphasizing the use of essential oils for emotional support and the importance of setting SMART goals. It encourages readers to travel more, reduce stress, be physically active, take chances, spend less time on social media, get out of debt, and serve others to create a fulfilling and balanced life. Temperatur Langensee


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