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5 Ways you can Help Save the Bees

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Let's face it, with out bees we don't have much. Mother Nature's natural pollinators support one third of our food supply. Simply put, with out bees humans would not have anything to eat, including honey. That's one reason to step up and help save our tiny, fuzzy, little, winged friends.

Here are 5 ways you can bee the change:

1. Let your yard grow wild you flower child. Pollinators need a place to pollinate so plant wild life that will attract bees. Step outside your front door and have fun in your garden by growing flowers, herbs, and weeds.

2. Say heck no to pesticides. Pesticides are the number one culprit in the collapse of the bee colony. There are natural ways to repel pests and attract the pollinators. Try making your own D.I.Y garden spray using essential oils.

3. Don't be a yokel and buy local. Buy organic, raw, local honey. Supporting your local beekeeper ensures the bees are well taken care of, plus honey made from your own backyard is much more delicious!

4. Get off your grass! Avoid planting lawns as they are essentially a desert for bees. Try planting an edible front yard that's not only beneficial to the bees but you and your family as well.

5. Create a buzz. Educate yourself and others on bees. Bees feast on flower, they don't attack humans, and are crucial to our future. The more we know the more we share, ensuring a future we all want to see, one with bees.

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