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5 Holistic Summer Garden Tips

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Summer can be an abundant time for your garden to flourish, but with high heat temperatures from a blazing sun your garden needs a little extra care during those sizzling days. We've compiled a list of 5 holistic garden tips to keep your garden lush and lively while still giving you time to hit the beach.

1. Water in the Morning: You may have been told to water your plants in the evening but that can lead to soil becoming too moist and bacteria growing. It's best to water your plant babies in the morning before the sun is too hot,. This will ensure your plants get the most efficient amount of water.

2. Prune your Plants: Pruning helps promote healthy growth in plants but it can still be a stressful experience for them. Prune moderately and ideally in the evening when it's cooler out.

3. Sing to your Plants: Studies have shown that your plant friends flourish when you sing to them. It's all in the vibration!

4. Working Meditation: Working in your garden can be an act of meditation so why not use it as a time to tend to your inner garden. Bask at the beauty of lush growing plants, breathe with your plants as you both fuel each other with life., Take the time to feel the moistness of the soil between your finger tips and view all the creatures flying by with a state of wonderment.

5. Bug Off: Create your own all natural pest spray to help ward off any unfriendly visitors. Add essential oils and purified water to a spray bottle. Tip: Peppermint is good for keeping ants, aphids, fleas and moths at bay.

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