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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about what you want to give Dad to tell him how loved and valued he is. Choosing a gift that is eco friendly is not only thoughtful for Dad, but it is thoughtful for the planet too.

When considering your gift options this year, choose a gift that is kind to the planet so it continues to give long after the holiday is over. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are 18 eco friendly Father’s Day gift ideas to get you started.


1. Reusable stainless steel coffee mug

If Dad loves coffee, a durable stainless steel coffee mug sure beats drinking it out of a disposable cup. It can be reused over and over, and won’t create any extra waste.

2. Refillable/reusable K-Cup and organic coffee

Does Dad like to make his own coffee at home? If so, those plastic K-cups can really add up. Instead, give him a refillable K-cup and some of his favorite organic coffee grounds so he can brew as much as he wants without all of the waste.

3. Organic undershirts and socks

Help Dad feel cozy with some organic clothing items such as t-shirts, socks, and even boxers. Find soft organic cotton that is sure to feel great while also being gentle on the environment.

4. Plant a tree in his honor

What better way to honor Dad than to plant a tree in his honor? Trees offer shade, produce fruit and keep the air clean, so plant one in Dad’s honor and generations will enjoy it for years to come.

5. Portable solar charger

If Dad loves his electronics, then a portable solar chargeris for him. This is a great way to keep electronics charged without using valuable energy, and using the energy of the sun instead.

6. Solar camping lantern

If Dad enjoys the great outdoors, you will want to treat him to a solar camping lantern. These lanterns are great for night time parties, cookouts, camping, hiking and so much more. Plus they don’t require batteries or electricity.

7. Bamboo bath tools

Pamper Dad with bamboo bath tools such as body sponges and scrubbers. They will help him feel his best and are made of eco friendly products at the same time.

8. Organic hair products

There are so many wonderful organic hair care lines out there. Treat Dad to some new shampoo, scalp treatments and hair balm. Find a scent he is sure to love and know that the product is eco friendly and not tested on animals.

9. Recycled glass water bottle

Help Dad enjoy his 8 glasses of water a day with a trendy and durable recycled glass water bottle. This is a great way to help him drink his water while not creating more waste.

10. Recycled paper journal

If Dad enjoys drawing or journaling, a recycled journal is perfect. Pair it with a pen and he is sure to love jotting down his thoughts, his to do list or just doodling. Keeping it old school.

11. Organic nuts, popcorn and other dried snacks

If Dad loves to snack, gift him a basket of his favorite organic snacks. There are so many, but popcorn and dried fruit are options that are sure to satisfy his taste buds. Now if your dad is a nut, that’s another story.

12. Garden hose water meter

If Dad loves to garden then a garden hose water meter is sure to come in handy. It will help him monitor his water usage, which can help him be more earth conscious and even more budget friendly.

13. An herb keeper

This is also a great gift if Dad loves to garden because it can help keep those fresh herbs fresher, longer! It also beats saving herbs in disposable plastic bags, creating less waste.

14. A raised garden bed kit

A raised garden bed kit made of recycled materials can help Dad grow his own produce. This cuts down on waste and can help him save money. Choose a kit that is made from recycled materials and pick out a few organic veggie plants to go with it. Dad is sure to love it!

15. Organic skin care products

Just like there are many organic hair products out there, there are many organic skin products too. Treat Dad to organic face wash, shower gels, shave creams and other skin care products.

16. Make a donation to an earth friendly cause

Does Dad have a favorite eco friendly cause you can make a donation to? If so, make a donation in his name in the amount of your choosing. You can choose from causes that help with pollution, help animals or even help villages get the clean drinking water they need.

17. Give him an air purifying plant

Air purifying plants such as Mother in Law Tongue or varieties of ferns are perfect for keeping the air clean and purifying the space. Gift Dad an air purifying plant for his office and he is sure to enjoy it.

18. An energy efficient appliance

There are so many new and improved energy efficient appliances on the market these days. Consider treating Dad to an appliance he has had his eye on, and make sure it is Energy Star rated it so you know it is energy efficient!


When you decide on the gift, be sure to skip the gift wrap. It just contributes to more waste. Instead, recycle paper you already have on hand or reuse a gift bag. Reusable bags are a gift in themselves too.

As you can see, there are eco friendly gifts on this list to suit just about everyone. Give it your consideration before you head out to shop so you can give Dad a gift he is sure to love, and the planet is sure to appreciate too!

Feature image credit: Halfpoint / Shutterstock

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