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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Featured from the doTERRA Blog

Inspired by our ancient ancestors, earth paint is made from herbs and comes in all of your favorite colors. Add essential oils to each color and let your creativity bloom naturally. The options are endless and so is the fun! “…using natural ingredients that allow for real creativity without the use of any dangerous VOCs and petroleum products…We have choices. We just need to know what they are.” -doTERRA Wellness Advocate What you need: 2 tablespoons ground herb 2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin 1 teaspoon bentonite clay 3 drops essential oil Note: You could also use an egg white or water instead of vegetable glycerin. However, if you use water or an egg white, the shelf life is only a day. The shelf life with vegetable glycerin is six months. Directions: Combine powdered herb, clay, and vegetable glycerin in a small bowl; mix well.Add essential oil and stir. Store in airtight containerTip: You can use empty baby food containers, or essential oil bottles to store paint. Beet Root Powder: Red (Cinnamon)

Turmeric Powder: Orange (Wild Orange)

Ground Mustard Seed: Light Yellow (Lemon)

Skullcap Herb: Light Green (Lime)

Spirulina: Dark Green (Peppermint)

Bilberry Fruit: Purple (Lavender)

Black Walnut: Gray (Balance®)

Activated Charcoal Powder: Black (Fennel)

Arrowroot: White (Purify)

Tips and Tricks: Dip your paintbrush in water for a lighter color and quicker dry time. Using paint without water will deliver vibrant results; however, it may take a while to dry.

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