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Keep it Glassy!

With all the news of different toxins found in packaging materials, like BPAs (the chemical compounds bisphenol A) in plastics and the toxic dyes of paper, glass jars are making a comeback as the preferred storage containers.

Plastics leach chemicals, and aluminum can oxidize juices or add a metallic flavor to foods but glass jars are the perfect vessel for safely storing foods. If you don’t have any glass jars, find a mason jar that you can designate as your special container. Keep and reuse a few food jars-pickles, almond butter, jam… all of these jars are ready to find their new purpose! An added bonus is the ability to see the quality of the containers of the food you buy (a pickle har, for example) as an investment in toxin-free kitchenware. Green your life and kitchen by reducing packaging, reusing packaging, and of course, recycling.

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