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Yoga for Beauty

This 5,000-year-old practice has been around for a long time and that's because it works. Yoga has a multitude of benefits ranging from weight loss, glowing skin, back pain, and arthritis relief to name a few. The regular practice of yoga helps gain, retain, and improve health as well as relieve stress and improve mind-body connection. All these factors added up lead to a healthy life and yes even a beautiful bod!

Swami Sivananda is quoted saying “By practicing the Asanas regularly, men and women will acquire a figure which will enhance their beauty and that suppleness which gives them charm and elegance in every movement,” and “be endowed with a peculiar glow in his face and eyes and a peculiar charm in his smile”.

There are even poses that are quoted to being beneficial for crows feet, sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Take a look at our top 4 Asanas to enhance your natural beauty and shine from the inside out!

1. Upward Facing Dog Pose aka Urdhvamukhasvanasana

Targets- neck, abs, back, legs

Beauty Benefits- tightens saggy skin around the jawline and reduces cellulite in thighs

How to: after warming your back up with cobra extend arms straight, push through your chest, and press tops of feet into ground engaging thigh muscles.

2. Plow Pose aka Halasana

Targets- shoulders, arms, lower back, legs

Beauty Benefits- increases blood circulation to the face and head leaving you with a rosy glow.

How to: start with lying on your back, kick legs overhead, extend arms long onto the ground for support, for a deeper stretch extend legs long so only toes are touching the ground behind your head

3. Shoulderwrinkle-free Stand aka Sarvangasana

Targets- shoulders, neck, abs

Beauty Benefits- reverses blood circulation from head to toe leaving face wrinkle-free. This asana also stimulates the thyroid gland leaving the entire body rejuvenated!

How to: from plow place hands-on lower back and extend one leg up then the other. Protect neck but keeping head still. Take the wait out of your lower back by pushing hips up and extending from balls of the feet.

4. Fish Pose aka Matsyasana

Targets- neck, abs, shoulders

Beauty Benefits- unlike other poses where the entire body is introverted only the face is here, allowing all blood flow to focus there, rejuvenating and tightening the muscles of the face entirely.

How to: Start by lying on your backside hands underneath your bum and push into your forearms, this will cause chest and shoulders to lift up as your back arches.

Place the top of your head on your mat so you are looking back behind you and keep legs extended long slightly pointing your toes.

note- all poses should be done after properly warming up the body or with an instructor.

Looking for more ways to enhance your beauty? Check out our personalized offerings:

Yoga for Beauty will awaken your senses and challenge all muscle groups. Use powerful breathing techniques and more than 50 energizing poses to improve posture, aid digestion and restore health. Includes Rainbeau's 44 Beauty Disciplines that can be carried around.

March 1st-22nd 2020

Mind. Body. Spring!

Let's nourish and revitalize our beings and bodies as a tool to tap into our most vibrant and fit selves.

Revitalize this New Year by breathing yourself awake.

LOCATION AND DATES: 1/11-Alo Yoga Beverly Hills 2-3:30pm 1/16-Owl Venice 6:30-8pm 1/26-Love Yoga Echo Park 2-3:30pm 2/15-Yoga Collective Santa Monica 2-3:30pm 2/22-Green Heart Yoga San Marino 2-3:30pm 2/29-Liberate Hollywood 2-3:30pm

Sign up on studio website or email us directly at

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