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The Rebirth of Self

Sometimes, a part of us must die before another part can come to life. Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don't realize what's happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us. These shifts happen throughout the lives of all humans, as we move from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond. With each transition from one phase to another, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old friend, the identity that we formed in order to move through that particular time.

Sometimes we form these identities in relationships or jobs, and when we shift those areas of our life become unsettled. Usually, if we take the time to look into the changing surface of things, we will find that a shift is taking place within us. For example, we may go through one whole chapter of our lives creating a protective shell around ourselves because we need it in order to heal from some early trauma. One day, though, we may find ourselves feeling confined and restless, wanting to move outside the shelter we needed for so long; the new part of ourselves cannot be born within the confines of the shell our old self needed to survive.

We may feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of ourselves that is dying and make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. We may find inspiration in working with the image of an animal who molts or sheds in order to make way for new skin, fur, or feathers to emerge. For example, keeping a duck feather, or some other symbol of transformation can remind us that death and rebirth are simply nature's way of evolving. We can surrender to this process, letting go of our past self with great love and gratitude, and welcoming the new with an open mind and heart, ready for our next phase of life.

To learn more ways to gracefully move through life rebirths join us for:

w/ Lifestyle Experts Intuitive Sabrina & Rainbeau Mars

Learn to use meditation and plant medicine for self-evolution

Tuesday, March 9th at 12pm PST via Zoom

email to save your complimentary seat!

About Sabrina:

Sabrina Heartsong is a pioneer in the field of spiritual transformation, and has been applying her intuitive skills and teachings of Self Realization for the past 10 years. Sabrina has done extensive work in the field of Primal Release and Energy Healing and has led more than 100 groups of both men and women with emotional dependency issues. In each of these groups Sabrina successfully created a safe place of heart opening transformation, helping to release old childhood wounds that stay trapped in the cellular memory of our bodies for a lifetime. She is an expert in intuiting some of the residual emotional scars created in the formative years and assists in creating a context for people to understand what happened, its current impact on one’s life and offers a unique approach to permanent healing and Self Realization. Having worked with several different phenomenological modalities such as Vipassana meditation, hatha yoga, pranic healing and primal therapy (to name a few), Sabrina has integrated the most effective aspects of each approach into a focused methodology that is an example of her own path to a peaceful existence. As a result of her own journey into Awareness, Sabrina has dedicated herself to the exploration of human consciousness; its modern implications and developing tools for its individual application in everyday life. She is a renowned empath with laser sharp ability to read energy and a master in bridging ancient wisdom from the East with modern theories of psychology, spirituality and practical tools for productive living. To learn more about her work please read about her work.

About Rainbeau:

Rainbeau Mars is one of Hollywood’s most sought after natural health and wellness experts. As part of her mission to inspire, transform, and heal, the former face of adidas launched two lifestyle brands: Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles, a one-stop shop for enhancing your life naturally, and I Live Oil, a partnership with doTERRA Essential Oils to empower a healer in every home. Her book, The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse features dozens of plant-based recipes, yoga poses, and positive affirmations.

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Yumi Vega
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