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Supercharge your manifestation with the help of the Solar Eclipse

On April 8th, we here on Earth get to witness the celestial phenomenon of the Solar Eclipse. And if you’ve been with us for a while, you already know we’ll always find a way to harness the positive forces of any natural or cosmic event ( a little extra push from the universe never hurt anyone!)

If you’re new here, manifestation is used to turn your dreams or thoughts into reality using the law of attraction to reach a higher vibration and arrive at your highest self.

We’ll be doing this ritual to foster abundance, health, wellness, and prosperity.

So without further ado, here’s our blueprint for Solar Eclipse Manifestation:


Ideally,  a bath adorned in flower petals or essential oils of your choice is the best, but simply cleansing in the shower if you don’t have a bathtub works as well.

2. Get centered

Find a peaceful cozy area where you can comfortably relax, and let your mind go quiet. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. If you find the silence distracting (it’s normal, btw!) try a guided meditation for grounding.

3.Understand your desire and visualize it

Think about the outcome you’re seeking, and focus on the feeling of already having what you desire. Think precisely about every detail of the state in which you desire to be in.

4.Affirm your desire

Once you’re mentally in the state of feeling, seeing, and KNOWING everything you desire is yours, chant three times:

“ [Insert desire] is done, [Insert desire] is done, [Insert desire]is done. “


“ I am [Insert desire], I am [Insert desire], I am [Insert desire].”


Develop an attitude of gratitude towards all the blessings in your life and thank the Universe for making your desires come true. Give thanks for the abundance that is already entering your life. It makes room for more blessings!

6.Take Action

Take advantage of opportunities that align with your great purpose as they arise with tenacity and most importantly - follow through! One must work in synergy with the universe to usher in the great abundance they seek!

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