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The One Herb Every Women Needs

If you know Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles you know we've got a thing for weeds. These resilient wonders of nature can grow through cement and have long been misunderstood. You see, they are jam packed with benefits! In fact we say, "Don't pull your weeds, instead grow them, eat them and drink them up!"

Today we are highlighting one specific weed that every woman should add to their diet! Stinging Nettle helps to boost energy, support the thyroid, improve skin and so much more.

...and don't you worry they don't sting once cooked or dried!

Nettle Benefits

1. Fights Inflammation- nettles are anti inflammatory and lowering your body's inflammation is essential to balancing your body's hormones naturally.

Nettles leafs lower inflammation in two ways:

  1. They support the liver and less toxins in the body equal less inflammation

  2. They relieve joint pain in conditions like arthritis by lowering inflammation

2. Nutrient Rich- nettles are very nutrient dense like most herbs!

It's an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin A, C and K

  • Proteins

  • Fatty Acids

  • Minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron (in fact nettles have been used to treat anemia for centuries)

  • Loaded with various antioxidants

3. Bye Bye Heavy Periods- a real lifesaver if you struggle with heavy periods! Your body uses the Vitamin K in nettles for blood clotting in turn helping to reduce any excessive bleeding.

4. Thick Hair & Glowing Skin Health- many of the nutrients that affect our hair and skin can be positively affected by nettles.

A few ways nettles can benefit hair loss & skin are:

  • Nettles support collagen because they contain amino acids and vitamin c the building blocks for collagen production

  • Nettles are abundant in trace minerals which supports hair growth and prevents wrinkles

  • They contain B Vitamins which work together with collagen to keep skin and hair healthy

5. Energy Booster- thanks to their iron and amino acid content nettles have the ability to fight off exhaustion and burnout

Now you've got the skinny on nettles take that leap by enjoying them in tea form or try cooking them up as a side dish!

If you are interested in learning more Fertility & Women's Health Tips please join us Jan. Dec. 13th at 7pm PST via zoom for our Master Class w. Rainbeau Mars

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