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Giving Thanks, the Reason for the Season!

Updated: 15 hours ago

Alas, the season of giving thanks is upon us. The Holiday season seems to bring so much hustle and bustle, commercial pressure to give and seasonal overwhelm and it's easy to lose sight of all things that we are truly grateful for.

Ahhhhh gratitude…. There is nothing more grounding than finding peace within acknowledging the things and people we are grateful for. And what better way to acknowledge this abundance than writing them down! They say To write something down it make it official, legitimate, and binding.

So, we have curated a few prompts for you to use to assist with your reflections! • Make a list of things you take for granted. • Make a list of people that help with your work or life. • Write down the things that you own that money can't buy. • Think of something you learned that turns out to be extremely helpful. • Reflect on a life-changing conversation. • Name someone who has changed your life and write down the reason. • Think of a difficult time and how you faced the challenge. • Write a thank-you letter to the people that are your strongest support. • Describe a meaningful gift you've received. • Play the song that cheers you up or empowers you. • Write down 3 of your recent achievements. • Find the spot that brings you calmness. • Describe the best part of your work. • Tell a friend or family how much you appreciate them. • Write an appreciation letter to your past self. • Thank someone for their service. And just remember, through gratitude, we truly have all that we need!

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Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
Nov 23, 2022

Everyone know that it is very important to foreign idle breakout

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