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Four Yoga Poses to Keep you Grounded During Retrograde

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Brace yourself, Mercury Retrograde is in full force this July as it entered Leo on the 7th and is sticking around till the 31st. Growing pains are real my friends but fear not, Retrograde is really a time that shows us it is more important to go inward than outward. So to keep you calm, steady, cool, and sane we've come up with 4 grounding poses. that will allow you to become the vessel of expressive beauty you truly are!

Tadasana aka Mountain Pose

Standing up tall with a long spine close your eyes, relax all the muscles in your face and feel the bottoms of your feet root into the earth. Shoulders are down and away from the ears, try and stand a little bit taller, keep breathing, feel the earth's energy surge through you as you stand strong and tall.

Too Challenging? Try holding for just a few breaths at a time.

Want more challenge? This is where you can start to really fine tune all the little muscles in the body. Are your knees rigid? Soften. Where is the weight in your feet? Evenly distribute them