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Fertility & Women's Health Replay

Were you able to catch last week's class on Fertility & Women's Health? If not, worry not... You can catch the replay here!

It was such a beautiful class loaded with inspiring and informative information.

Rainbeau Mars and her Herbalist mother, Brigitte Mars discussed their favorite at-home practices for increasing fertility and staying healthy at all ages.

Here were some of our favorite remedies:

  • Lavender Oil + Coconut Oil for stretch marks

  • Nettles for increased milk production

  • UTI Support through enema's with Yerba Mate & Lavender Oil

  • Using Milk Thistle for Postpartum Depression

  • Doing bath rituals with Geranium & Ylang Ylang for overall women's health

If you're looking for more natural remedies like these, make sure to book your 1-1 consultation with us today and

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