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Digital Detox

We live in a world of the never ending scroll! The digital world has provided us with everything we could have ever imagined, right at our fingertips,...but at what cost? Although this new age dream world comes with instant gratification, it also comes with long-term side effects. Aching necks, restless sleep, depression and even wrinkles are all offshoots of living in an over digitized environment. Recent studies have even shown we are losing our attention span, from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds; that's almost the attention span of a goldfish!

So, like anything in life it's all about finding balance and taking necessary breaks from time to time. It's good to counterbalance anything pulling you too far in one direction, and that's why we've created a DIGITAL DETOX! Follow these super easy steps for 21 days and reboot your attention span!

Practical Steps:

  • Never sleep with your phone by your bed unless it’s properly turned off. Wherever you leave it, turn it off overnight. Your sleep environment should take priority when creating an EMF free space so your body can properly repair and detoxify while sleeping.

  • Make your bedroom a NO- TECH ZONE. Designate Tech Free Time.

  • Walking around with your phone in your pocket is a big no no. It’ll affect sperm count in men. And for women, don’t even think about putting it in your bra.

  • Keep technology away during meal time

  • Try and surround yourself with hard wired rather than wireless appliances in your home.

  • Limit yourself to one screen at a time

Your Weekly Schedule

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