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Collaborate with us in Support of the People of the Planet

The Prophecy of the Q'eros, The Native Wise of the Andes states "Follow your own footprints. Learn from rivers, trees, rocks. Honor your brothers, honor Mother Earth, honor the Great Spirit. Honor yourself and all Creation. Look with the eyes of your soul and commit to the essentials "...

Our founder and a fearless leader for a greater good has taken another trip around the sun and for her humble birthday wish she invites us all to take a look inside ourselves as the Q'ero would to see how we can help one another.

For years Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles has been working closely with the Q'ero Nation, an ancient indigenous tribe located in the Cusco Region of Peru. This earth dwelling tribe is the last of it's kind, sharing teachings that have and will continue to be around long after we are here.

They sought refuge in the mountains at more than 4.200 meters altitude, taking refuge from the invaders. There they remained for 500 years... they have guarded the original knowledge and sacred prophecy over a great change EL PACHAKUTEK waiting for the moment this world would take a turn, returning harmony and ending the time of chaos and disorder.

Rich in culture and healing this tribe still needs our support when it comes to daily living. The Q'ero live in a remote area high in the Andes which does not allow them access to basic needs. Our goal is to help uplift the Q'ero with modern necessities such as warm clothing and natural medicine so that they can continue their legacy and traditions.

When you purchase an all natural medicine kit in the coming weeks we will match that with a medicine kit for the Q'ero along with a vast amount of other much needed supplies. Not only will you be helping the Q'ero with each purchase but part of the proceeds will be donated The Healing Hands Foundation.

This is an opportunity to dive deep into your own well being while helping others. Register now with an all natural medicine kit and support yourself, the earth, and the people of the planet one drop at a time!

Learn More:

Register for your Kit

The Qero Nation

Healing Hands Foundation

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