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Chasing Our Wildest Dreams

Updated: 15 hours ago

As the sun begins to rise earlier and the birds begin to chirp, I would like to share this poem that will open your thoughts to what new beginnings await you.

New Beginnings

One life.

Just one.

Why aren’t we running

like we are on fire

Towards our

Wildest dreams?


It takes courage to ask ourselves this question, but it takes even more courage to answer this question.

What is your wildest dream?

Do you have the courage to speak it aloud?

Can you bring yourself to write it down?

Are you able to create the plan to start?

What’s stopping you? Share your thoughts with us.

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I think everyone will have dreams that we ourselves cannot realize. But we are all young and each of us has the right to dream big. dinosaur game


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I very much sympathize with the story that's not my neighbor you shared. Each of us has had an unrealistic dream.

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