A Guide to the Divine Masculine

The divine masculine represents a psychological, spiritual, and archetypal ideal of divine masculine energy. Direct action, movement, fatherhood, generosity, encouragement, intellect, transformation, and growth are all unique expressions of the divine masculine.

A true form of the divine masculine is witnessed through a person who is strong but gentle. He turns away from conflict and points his attention to honesty and diplomacy. He shys away from ego-stroking and the need for praise. He is someone you want to follow that will make you feel safe, supported, and protected emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

With father's day around the corner this is a perfect time to celebrate the expressions of divine masculine in the men you love. If however, you don't have a healthy connection with someone close to you, we can look at leaders of the world to represent that connection for us. Men such as Martin Luther King Jr., Christ, or the Dali Lama are all strong role models that have manifested themselves into pure versions of the divine masculine.

Another way to explore and tap into the divine masculine is through meditation.

Sit every morning for 5-10 minutes, bring your attention to your breath, inhale for 6, exhale for 6 and repeat:

Inhale "I am Strong"

Exhale "I am Flexible"

Inhale "I am Balanced"

Exhale "I am Strong"

Inhale "I am Flexible"

Exhale "I am Balanced"

Continue this cycle until you feel grounded. Some days will feel easier than others but remember to keep coming back to your breath. Throughout the day if you begin to feel unsettled or off balance you can come back to this exercise.

However you choose to connect, celebrate and applaud the divine masculine remember to do it with love, appreciation, and honor.

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