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6 Herbs you can Grow Indoors All Year

We have entered into autumn and depending where you live the option to garden outdoors might not be realistic. Indoor herbs are a great way to scratch that gardener itch and still get use out of your green thumb during the colder months. We love growing herbs indoors because you don't need much space, they are great for beginners and they have a vast amount of medicinal and culinary benefits.

To get started you'll want to make sure you have a sunny spot in your home plus two medium pots with holes in the bottom for drainage. A drainage hole prevents your plants from getting water logged and potentially rotting.

Next you'll want to make sure you have the right soil. For our first pot you'll want to use a succulent blend of soil which has some rocks that will help with drainage. Then, for our second pot you'll want to choose a general organic soil which will help these specific herbs retain their moisture.

In our first pot we're going to plant:

Rosemary which is an anti-inflammatory, helps improve digestion and supports the brain in aging steadily

Sage is loaded with antioxidant, is high in nutrients and recent studies are showing it may even support oral health and protect against certain cancers.

Thyme is packed with vitamin C and vitamin A plus it is loaded with nutrients such as fiber, iron and magnesium.

These particular herbs love arid soil and lots of sun!

Now, in our second pot we'll grow:

Basil- which is good for digestion, is an anti-inflammatory and even helps fights against free radical and depression.

Cilantro- is rich in immune boosting antioxidant and may also support heart and brain health.

Parsley- Supports bone health, is rich in antioxidants and even contains cancer fighting substances.

These 3 plants love moist soil and lots of sunshine!

Both of these pots need at least 4-6 hours of sunlight each day so make sure to place in a part of your home where it will get plenty of sun.

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