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Small Scale Social Networking Sites Also the Most Effective?

You submit your articles everyday to Digg, Technorati, and Delicious, in the hopes that one of them will gain traction and net you some traffic. However no one besides you ever votes your stuff up, and so you’re caught in the endless cycle that never lands you more than a few clicks a day. With Digg and other Social Networking sites, such as Technorati and Delicious, dominated by the big players in blogging, the idea of leveraging off of social networking for smaller blogs seems unrealistic if not impossible. The problem is you’re targeting the completely wrong audience!


Easier To Get Front-page Status

Look for smaller social media sites rather than the immensely popular ones. Since these smaller social media sites are just now becoming popular it’s a lot easier to be noticed. Users regularly check the newly submitted page and since your post isn’t bumped down in less than an hour you actually have a chance of hitting the front page through other browsing users.In addition, it frequently only takes about 3-5 votes to be placed on the front page compared to diggs 800 or so.

An Audience More Valuable Than Any Other

Sure landing on the front page doesn’t net you as much traffic as say Digg, but this traffic is actually more valuable than any traffic Digg could ever send you! Many of the smaller Social Networking sites are specifically focused on certain niches or topics. By focusing your attention exclusively on the handful that exist in your niche your essentially picking the audience that is most likely interested in your blog. Sites like Digg are frequented by casual users that as a habit click the daily links for interesting news and not by the content. However, in these small scale social networking sites all the users are interested in that niche or topic and thus have a much higher chance of being interested in your blog. According to in addition these users have a much higher chance of actually bookmarking your blog and coming back another day. I cannot tell you how useless your blog is if the only readers it ever gets is from random jumps of social networking users that never come back again. You want the social networking sites to help your traffic, but not depend on it!

Ensuring Future Success

Not only that, but these users are the Web 2.0 children. They are the first ones to adapt to new methods on the web and start new communities like these new social networking sites. Each and every user from that site is registered at that social networking site and knows how to use it. By capturing the interests of these premium users your ensuring future success, because these are the kinds of people that submit and vote up articles. According to political science help It may seem tiresome submitting your articles to multiple sites at first, but over time your readers from those sites will start to submit and vote them up for you, leaving you with less and less work.

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