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How to analyze information while reading In this assignment, we do not give instructions. We are not talking about which way you should go, we are only asking the question: true or fake? It can be noted that the text recently appeared on social networks, it may have been seen by the students, there was a degree of trust in this text. The second question we will ask is: why are fakes so common? Why does this or that text become viral? It is interesting to understand how a fake arises. The first question is: why does information go viral? Second: where did this text come from and how did it spread? The task on the “fake path” can be additional, intended for those students who are interested in it. You can get rid of fakes by analyzing information. When writing a written work, you can use the essay editing service - Editius, which helps you analyze information and write a good work. So you can get rid of fakes and write true information.

The same tools for working with text and information can be used in lessons in other subjects. For this, it is important that there is communication between teachers and it is clear where and what skills are being developed. Where it comes to working with text and using, the beginning will be in English or literature, but other teachers can pick up these techniques and use them in their classes. Why is hands-on experience so important? When we talk about functional literacy, we mean the ability to apply subject knowledge in real life situations.But, in fact, this is the ability to think and analyze, which children train continuously at school. This occurs when children themselves process information and are able to write written work. By using is resume editing services they can write well written work. First, there is an analysis of a particular topic and then writing. In mathematics, thinking develops well when solving problems with parameters, and geometry is just a storehouse for the development of creativity, since there is not a single problem that would be solved algorithmically.

You can especially talk about construction tasks, which, unfortunately, are few. They are held at the end of the 7th grade, and not very much time is allotted for them. Usually I want to solve as many of these problems as possible, because - and this is an interesting observation - if a child solves 30-50 building problems, a qualitative revolution will occur in his head in understanding construction and construction in general. I often do not pay attention to how such tasks are framed. Instead, I focus on the solution itself.

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