Yoga for Immunity

YOGA- It's one of the most effective and time tested remedies. It has the ability to strengthen not only our physical features but our immunity as well. Heated poses offer a way to clear congestion while restorative poses cut stress which in turn helps to reduce inflammation and degeneration. Yoga has the potential to stimulate the lymphatic system allowing us to drain toxins properly. It has the ability to protect our immunity while allowing us to age gracefully. There's a reason it's been around for thousands of years so, let's take a lesson from the yogi's and boost our immunity with these 4 powerful poses.

1. Uttanasana aka forward fold is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the system. A forward fold is an inversion that allows fresh blood to move through our system and refresh the organs. This particular inversion is also good for congestion and helps protect the sinuses and mucus membranes.

Start standing up with legs hip distance apart and toes facing forward, slightly bend the knees and start to fold forward from the hips, keep your head curled in and remember to breathe, after a few breaths try straightening the legs and allow the arms to gently rest at the side of the bod

2. Pranayama aka focus of the breath is a simple and very effective way to boost immunity. The practice brings vigor and positive energy to the body while calming the heart rate and relieving hormonal stressors.

Start in a comfortable seated position with the spine long, close eyes and allow your focus to be between the brows at your 3rd eye, inhale for a count of 4, pause, exhale for a count of 4, pause. Continue for at least twelve rounds.

3. Matsyasana aka fish pose is an immunity strengthening pose which detoxifies and boosts energy. Fish pose also has the possibility of alleviating congestion by opening up the nasal passages.

Start by lying flat on your back, scoot hands with the palms facing down underneath your bum and press your forearms into the ground, this will cause your chest and head to lift up, place the top of head on the ground. You should be looking back behind you with forearms planted on the ground and back arched. Stay here for 4-8 full breaths

4. Viparita Karani aka legs up the wall is a great inversion that boosts your immunity by recirculating your blood and lowering stress levels.

Sitting sideways scoot yourself as close to a wall as possible, begin to lie down on your back and scoot your legs up the wall. Once your legs are up the wall, reposition yourself so your bum is as close to the wall as possible with legs straight up and feet slightly flexed. Stay here as long as you'd like.

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