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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Benefits of Fasting:

+Increased energy

+Accelerated healing

+Gives digestive system a break

+Boosts metabolism

+Weight Loss

+Deep restful sleep

+Mental clarity

+Clear Complexion

+Enhanced immunity

+Unleashes creativity

+Divine inspiration

+Moves us toward a complete regeneration of our bodies

"Fasting" can mean a multitude of different things. Fasting might refer to the consumption of a strictly plant based diet in it's most natural form (uncooked and unadulterated); an all-fruit diet; an all-blended foods diet (smoothies and soups); the consumption of fresh juice only; or, in the most disciplined or austere terms, fasting with water only-or on frankincense and myrrh as holy men were said to have.

Throughout time, spiritual leaders, including Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Ghandi have fasted for spiritual illumination and health. Plato, Socrates, and Hippocrates credited fasting with mental clarity and longevity. And in more recent times, enlightened physicians such as Albert Schweitzer, Benjamin Spock, and Deepak Chopra have all agreed that fasting is of the most neglected yet powerful healing techniques available to us. Some religious observations ask for fasting or abstaining from certain foods as well.

With so many powerful endorsements to fasting, it's a wonder that we don't fast more often. However, there is truly no time like the present to discover its transformative capabilities

When taking the time to clean our bodies out, it is ideal to treat yourself. Not only will taking this extra care with yourself encourage and nourish you, but it is something that we rarely afford ourselves. Take time for yourself and nurture your body the way you truly deserve.

Note: Fasting should be done conservatively and responsibly, and should not be attempted for longer than seven days without supervision.

Interested in the journey? Join us on our 21 Day Super Star Cleanse

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