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Remedy your Sexual Stamina

Whether your prepping for a triathlon or a weekend marathon under the sheets not having enough stamina can do you in sooner than you had wished. So, if you are looking to improve your stamina know that there is more to it than just aphrodisiacs, Firstly, your body needs to be healthy and fit in order for your sex life to light up like 4th of July. Worry not though, it is nothing unattainable with out a little focus and change. Try these simple all natural tips to get you moving both in and out of bed.

Chili Peppers- that's right, spice up your love life with some actual spice. Chili peppers are high in capsaicin which rev up your libido and also boosts your metabolism allowing you enough energy to go again and again.

Supplements- let's face it, it can be hard to always get the right amount of nutrients no matter how healthy you are. Taking vitamins on a daily basis can assure you are staying as healthy as possible, in turn keeping you energy levels high and boosting your endurance. Check out our game changing supplements here!

Ginseng- this slow growing plant has been known to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Regular Physical Activity- experts recommend exercise such as running and yoga for overall health as well as sexual function. Check out these specific exercises to help increase stamina.

  • Kegels for improved pelvic floor strength, potentially stronger orgasms and lower symptoms of elective dysfunction in men.

  • Plank to build your back and core muscle strength in order to improve stamina and strength

  • Medicine Ball push ups for a strong core and upper body, to help support your own body weight for longer sex.

Iron- is a key nutrient to maintaining healthy energy levels and a fast metabolism, which in turn create more stamina.

Nuts- help to sustain erection, fight fatigue and boost energy levels. The magnesium

in nuts also helps boost energy and stamina by keeping the balance of electrolytes

needed to prevent muscles weakness or lethargy.

Maca- adding this highly nutritious Peruvian Plant has been known to to be a sex drive enhancer

It's normal for your stamina to be sluggish sometimes but if it is persistent even after a bit of home remedy then it's best to talk to your healthcare provider. Remember to experiment and have fun when working with your libido.

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