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Prey for California

Let us all hold space for California, take a moment out of your day, and visualize water clouds and peace in the sky.

Pray like never before to the water element and the masters of the mountains. Ring bells and let the children lead in dance & song.

Let us exist alongside Mother Nature and clear space for her to heal. Let us connect to our earth and stay grounded in love and hope.

Nature is the supreme one, let us be in the garden, let us pray with the dirt and become one with the elements so we can all co-exist in health and harmony.

Our heart is with you California.

Rainbeau Mars headquarters has been blessed to work with healers from all over the world, one who stands with us the most is Dona Maria Apaza who is an Alto Misayoc which means “She who welcomes the Major Spirits, the most important and powerful”, and is the highest degree of Andean Priestess. She is the last Inca Priestess with this degree and comes from Hatun Quigo, Q’ero Nation of Cusco, Peru.

Initiated in the Ancestral Andean Wisdom, she is here to share her knowledge and remind us that within our hearts there exists the capacity to communicate with the Pachamama, Mother Earth, our Inner Mother, the Eternal Feminine.

We have literally seen Dona Maria make it rain after prayer and we ask all of you humbly to set your intention to rain so that California may heal. With enough intention in our hearts and vibration working through us we can literally move mountains and in this case rain.

As we work closely with Dona Maria we ask you for one more call to action in helping us support the people of the planet.

When you purchase an all-natural medicine kit in the coming weeks we will match that with a medicine kit for the Q'ero along with a vast amount of other much-needed supplies. Not only will you be helping the Q'ero with each purchase but part of the proceeds will be donated The Healing Hands Foundation.

This is an opportunity to dive deep into your own well being while helping others. Register now with an all-natural medicine kit and support yourself, the earth, and the people of the planet one drop at a time!

Learn More:

Register for your Kit

The Qero Nation

Healing Hands Foundation

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