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5 Speedy Immune Boosting Tricks

Welcome to the season of swollen glands, germ transportation, and burn out blues. That's right, we've entered flu season, a time of year where even the healthiest of them all can fall. It's key to slow down, listen to your body, and do what you need to do to keep your immunity up. We've compiled 7 speedy immune boosting tricks to keep you as fit as a fiddle during the flu season.

1. Exercise- a regular to moderate workout can be amazingly beneficial to your immune system. When we work out we secrete happy hormones aka dopamine which allows us to counteract cortisol levels. Cortisol is created from stress and stress breaks down our immune system. Exercise also allows us to stimulate the respiratory and cardiovascular system increasing our white blood cell count equating to healthy bodies.

2. Ginger Shots- a simple no dr. necessary ginger shot will get your immunity boosted in no time. Ginger is also high in antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory.

3. Essential Oil Roll-On- combine oil of oregano, clove, & on guard essential oil into a roll-on bottle. Rub onto feet every night as a bedtime ritual and allow your body to absorb the much-needed health properties while you catch some ZZZ's.

4. Get Your Rest- you learned it when you were young yet it's still a hard thing to do. Rest and sleep are some of the best things for a worn-out body. When your body relaxes it gets to do what it does best, heal!

5. Take your Vitamins- that's right, taking your daily dose of vitamins will ensure that your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs to function at its highest level. Not sure what supplements to take? Check out our favorites here.

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